applicant tracking
Job Postings and Syndication

Broadcast your job openings everywhere qualified candidates are looking.

  • Post to 14+ Job Boards with A Single Click
    Post jobs to the most popular free and premium job boards
    like Indeed and Glassdoor
  • Harness the Power of Employee Referrals
    Invite co-workers to refer job candidates through a
    fast, easy and efficient platform
  • Attract Candidates with a Great Careers Page
    Create a better candidate experience using customizable, mobile-ready careers pages
Applicant Tracking System

Replace time-consuming tasks in email and spreadsheets
with a powerful applicant tracking system.

  • Better Manage Your Candidate Pipeline
    Track the progression of your candidates through customizable
    recruiting stages or a default workflow
  • Stay In The Know
    Stay informed with a real-time stream of the latest activities
    related to your candidates
  • Automate Redundant Busywork
    Save time by triggering emails and assigning tasks between
    stages to automate repetitive tasks
Interviews and Assessments

Bring your A-Game to every interview using revolutionary interview tools.

  • Coordinate Guided Interviews
    Empower interviews to ask insightful questions using customizable
    and mobile-friendly interview guides
  • Easily Schedule Interviews
    Sync personal calendars like Gmail or Outlook to view availability
    and find times that work for everyone
  • Compare Candidates and Collaborate as a Team
    Use Candidate Scorecards and Assessments to evaluate
    prospective employees with your team members
Offers and eSignatures

Digitize the entire offer process to save valuable time
and eliminate unnecessary paperwork.

  • Create and Send Offer Letters in Minutes
    Embed tokened fields in offer letter templates to easily generate letters on the fly
  • Track Each Version of your Offer Template
    See a history of your template so you know what’s happened
    and can revisit later
  • Complete Offers Faster
    Eliminate stacks of paperwork and completely digitize your offer acceptance process
Reports and Analytics

Uncover hidden inefficiencies and opportunities within your recruiting process.

  • Stay Compliant
    Fulfill reporting requirements and be prepared to address
    legal matters using compliance reports
  • Customize your Data
    Get unprecedented access to your data with 100% customizable reports
  • Expose Recruiting Opportunities
    Identify where the best candidates are found and uncover
    bottlenecks in your process

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