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  • Working with Kari Baker in order to get payroll started for our company was a breeze! She had all my questions answered before I had a chance to ask! Payroll was set up and running efficiently within one week! I highly recommend Elite Payroll!

    Irrigation Service
  • We are very happy with Elite Payroll Solutions. We were able to save a significant amount of money by transitioning. In addition, I absolutely love the online portal. It makes things very easy to process.

    Vet Clinic
  • Elite Payroll has exceeded my expectations! Their professionalism compares to none. I would highly recommend them for all your payroll needs.

    Electrical Contractor
  • We were skeptical about switching payroll companies. We had such problems with the other company but Elite Payroll came in and was very professional. They worked with our non-profit organization and was true to their word. We have been with them 3 years now and are very happy with the service. They do not hesitate when we need anything. I deal mainly with the Director of Human Resources and she is always professional and has helped us tremendously, I couldn’t do my job without her. The payroll supervisor is always helpful and very knowledgeable as well.

    Healthcare Organization
  • The service is great and the transition was very smooth, almost too good to be true. The employees love being able to go online to get their pay stubs. As a company we are happy with our decision to switch from our previous service to Elite Payroll.

    Physician Office
  • Our relationship and partnership with them is a real asset and value in our day-to-day operation. Recommending Elite Payroll is simply not enough. Instead I am strongly encouraging everyone to consider them as your outsourcing partner.

    Insurance Agency
  • We’ve had 16 employees and we’ve had over 600; Elite Payroll partnered with us the whole way. They continue to be a great organization to work with, and have my heartfelt appreciation and highest endorsement.

    Call Center